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The Board operates on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30 o​f the following year.  The Board notifies all licensees each year when the renewal window opens.  The annual renewal fee for an Active license is $250 while the annual renewal fee for an Inactive license is $150.  Any license that has not been renewed by June 30th will expire.  The law includes no grace period in which to renew an expired license.  Any license not renewed annually by June 30th must be reinstated in order to be able to practice or use the title. 


Continuing Education

All Kentucky licensees are required to report twelve (12) hours of continuing education activities annually.  Licensees are also allowed to carry forward up to twelve (12) hours each year.

Form on which to report a summary of activities attended throughout the year:

Form used to request Board review for either an upcoming or already-attended educational activity:

List of activities reviewed by the Board in the recent past:

​ Continuing Education Review List.pdf​    ​UPDATED 11/29/2022.  Activities in bold print were reviewed at the most recent Board meeting (may need to enlarge in order to view bold print).  Activities designated with "XXX" were disapproved for continuing education credit.        

The Board accepts all "HSW" (health, safety & welfare) designated courses approved by LA CES (  Remember that Kentucky law ​allows only half-credit for educational tours & travel.  LA CES may approve an educational tour for full credit, but Kentucky only allows half-credit for approved educational tours & travel.
List of independent study sponsors who have received pre-approval by the Board for specific courses:
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